Best vocabulary words for essays

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There are many techniques to memorize new vocabulary. Traditional methods suggest that you create lists of words, sticky notes or cards for frequent review. You could also print out Russian words and tape them on the things they represent around your house. For example, put the word "зеркало" on your mirror. This lets you see the Russian word for these things daily, which will improve your vocabulary. However, traditional methods can be tedious and ineffective. To make things more fun we have created flash cards for more interactive learning without endless lists. Flash cards introduce an element of entertainment and make learning Russian words and phrases more interesting.

Galbraith, as always, writes in pellucid prose.

PERCIPIENT adj. discerning and quick in perceiving

The ever percipient @jendziura is always worth a read.

PHYLOGENY n. the history or evolutionary development of something (especially a species)

The evolution of fins may also be traced across this phylogeny .

PROLIXITY n. boring, drawn out verbosity

Di Leonardo's personal secretary had issued a statement shortly after midday, a masterpiece of prolixity that took about five minutes to say that Ruggiero Miletti had been found dead and that another statement would be issued in due course.

RUBRIC n. an established rule, tradition, or custom

There are of course significant political differences between the USA and Italy, even though both come under the rubric of industrial capitalism.

SARDONIC adj. humorously mocking, scornful, or cynical

‘Separate rooms don't mean a thing,’ he retorted with a glimmer of a sardonic smile.

...a sardonic dismissal of the philologists of our time for their joy at capturing worms and their indifference to the true problems, the urgent problems of life.

SCHADENFREUDE n. delight taken in another's misfortune

This led to divorce from his wife, who could perhaps be permitted some Schadenfreude at the fact that Van Den Hauwe's relationship had, perforce, become platonic.

SEDENTARY adj. spending much time sitting and taking little exercise

He was forced by illness to lead a sedentary life.

SYBARITE n. a person devoted to luxuries and sensual pleasures

He liked the good things of life but he was no sybarite .

TELEOLOGY n. explanation of phenomena in terms of a design or end purpose rather than in terms of their causes

The teleology of evolution as a goal-seeking activity persists in indefensible form a hundred years later in the writing of biologists.

TIMOROUS adj. having a timid or fearful disposition

He had been a quiet, timorous boy until he discovered the excitement of chasing women.

TRUCULENT adj. scathingly harsh; ferocious

He still took care to be rude and truculent at school to keep up appearances, but the old venom had faded.

UNCTUOUS adj. fatty, oily, or greasy; excessively flattering, suave, or ingratiating

It's wonderful — richer and more unctuous — in stuffings or to flavour sauces where you would normally use lemon or lime.

He seemed anxious to please, but not in an unctuous way.

UNGUENT n. an ointment used to soothe, heal, or lubricate

A delightful unguent jar from Mostagedda carved from ivory in the form of a hippopotamus argues that the animal attracted favourable attention.

VENIAL adj. forgivable or pardonable

Half of the thousands of imprisoned debtors had been reduced to their state by venial errors or innocent misfortune.

VERDANT adj. green and lush with grass or other rich vegetation

Pompeii lay in verdant , wine-growing country and so gave special prominence to Venus, goddess of fecundity, Hercules and Bacchus.

VITRINE n. a glass cabinet for displaying and protecting delicate items or specimens

The preserved corpse was subsequently recased in the nineteenth century in a glass-fronted mahogany vitrine .


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Best vocabulary words for essays

best vocabulary words for essays


best vocabulary words for essaysbest vocabulary words for essaysbest vocabulary words for essaysbest vocabulary words for essays