Comparative politics essay ideas

Graduate Courses:
Theories of Comparative Politics (Kurtz, Watson)
Comparative Political Behavior (Mughan)
Comparative Political Parties (Mughan, Rehm)
Politics of Inequality (Rehm)
Field Research Methods (Robinson)
African Politics (Robinson)
Comparative Political Economy (Brooks)
Political Violence (Holland)
The Field of Political Economy (Pierskalla)
Latin American Politics (Brooks)
Research Design Methods (Kurtz)
Politics of the Developing World (Pierskalla)

Graduate students majoring in Comparative Politics are expected to take courses dealing with broad theoretical debates in the field, to utilize the most rigorous and relevant methodological techniques, and to apply them to empirical questions in geographic areas of their choice.

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The comparative method is – together with the experimental method , the statistical method and the case study approach – one of the four fundamental scientific methods which can be used to test the validity of theoretical propositions, often with the use of empirical data . to establish relationships among two or more empirical variables or concepts while all other variables are held constant. [6] In particular, the comparative method is generally used when neither the experimental nor the statistical method can be employed: on the one hand, experiments can only rarely be conducted in political science; [7] on the other hand the statistical method implies the mathematical manipulation of quantitative data about a large number of cases, while sometimes political research must be conducted by analyzing the behavior of qualitative variables in a small number of cases. [8]

Comparative politics essay ideas

comparative politics essay ideas


comparative politics essay ideascomparative politics essay ideascomparative politics essay ideascomparative politics essay ideas