Essay fast food restaurant

Fast food is not only a contributor to obesity, but it also increases the chances of getting Type II diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer, gall bladder disease, and E. Coli. Each year about 70 billion dollars is spent on healthcare due to obesity. Fast food contains more unhealthy fat, or saturated fat. This comes from animal products like eggs, meat, and butter. Eating too much of this fat will increase cholesterol levels in the blood and is the main cause of a heart attack. Fast food are also high in sodium; however too much salt is bad for a person's body. It can cause high blood pressure, and obesity. An average adult only needs about 1200mg of sodium a day, fast food contains more than that.

• texts together? The Thesis in a Synthesis and Response: Academic essays are commonly expected to be “thesis-driven,” meaning that the thesis is stated early in the essay, and the material in the rest of the essay supports the thesis. The thesis in academic essays is frequently two or three sentences in length rather than a single sentence. In a synthesis essay, the thesis expresses your reaction to the sources; it may express your level of agreement or disagreement or indicate the ways in which you will extend or build on the sources. Example of Synthesis: See the long paragraph that begins at the bottom of page 301 in Read, Reason, Write. Use of Personal Pronouns: The use of personal pronouns (I, we, my, our) is appropriate in certain types of academic writing including in a response essay. Trying to write about personal experience without using the first person is difficult! Using first person also helps you to indicate views that are your own rather than those of the author. Your Readers: A university group whose members have NOT read the original essays Required Length: No less than two FULL pages and no more than three pages Format: MLA Grading Criteria: • Accuracy in identifying and stating source writer’s ideas

Essay fast food restaurant

essay fast food restaurant


essay fast food restaurantessay fast food restaurantessay fast food restaurantessay fast food restaurant