How to publish your phd thesis

Every PhD student should buy a copy of How to Publish your Research before and not after they enroll for a doctoral degree. Informative, practical and insightful, Sarah Caro will become the mentor of every successful PhD student. A mine of information and practical advice, this text is the definitive nuts-and-bolts manual on how to do it.  A safe and sure guide. ? ? ? ? ? ?
(Bryan S. Turner)

The book benefits from some mini-case studies of experienced academics’ experiences. These provide a useful alternative perspective. That said, the most valuable parts of the book are those where Caro writes most clearly as a publishing industry insider.
(Anthony Haynes)

Most universities and research institutions maintain an in-house open research archive. These are also known as repositories. Such archives function both as archives of published works for the institution, but also as publishers. If you deposit a work in an open research archive it is to be considered as published. If it is a previously unpublished work, putting it in the archive may hinder later publication by a publishing house. If the work is already published, the original publisher may retain the rights and you may not redistribute the work through an archive. However, the archive will provide you with an online copy for easy distribution and you will have a permanent link for the work.

How to publish your phd thesis

how to publish your phd thesis


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