Ib tok essay 2009

I have had the pleasure of working at SIS for the past 4 years and in that time, I have been able to watch several students grow, develop their sense of self and transition into post-secondary education programs, and successful occupations around the world. As a member of this school community, I have also had the pleasure of being a part of a very involved staff with a passion for leading a balanced lifestyle. As such, I myself participate in volleyball, futsal, swim club and student council. Doing so has allowed me the opportunity to build relationships with the student body and provide opportunities for students to gain experiences and build lasting memories beyond the walls of the classroom. It is this sense of school pride and community that sets SIS apart from the rest.

Candidates who successfully complete all the requirements of the IB Diploma Programme and one or more of the following combinations are eligible to receive a bilingual diploma: two Group 1 subjects (of different languages), a Group 3 or 4 subject taken in a language other than the candidate's Group 1 language, or an Extended Essay in a Group 3 or Group 4 subject written in a language other than the candidate's Group 1 language. [48] IB certificates are issued to indicate completion of diploma courses and exams for non-diploma candidate students. [49]

Ib tok essay 2009

ib tok essay 2009


ib tok essay 2009ib tok essay 2009ib tok essay 2009ib tok essay 2009