Junior honors thesis statement

The Honors Capstone and Senior Thesis requirements encourage students either to develop their own scholarly interests or to become more involved with the research pursuits of University faculty.  The completion of this independent work, particularly with the thesis, will set you apart from other university students.  The most common experience for these two requirements is to do independent research with a faculty mentor in the junior year, and then write the results of that research as your thesis in the senior year.  For more information on the capstone and thesis requirements, click here.

You must register your thesis with the Honors College, via the on-line  Honors College Database Archive for Senior Honors Projects .  You must present two unbound copies of your thesis to the department/ Director of Undergraduate Studies , along with a letter from your advisor stating the results of the defense, by two weeks before the beginning of the examination period for the semester in which your defense is held (this schedule can be adapted to suit students who take the 691H-692H sequence on a Spring-Fall schedule).  One copy will be retained by the department.  One copy will be bound by and archived in the North Carolina Collection of Wilson Library.  Please adhere to the thesis formatting instructions of the  UNC Honors Program . Search this Site Search_for: Submit Search The Department of Anthropology 301 Alumni Building • CB# 3115
UNC-CH • Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3115

Junior honors thesis statement

junior honors thesis statement


junior honors thesis statementjunior honors thesis statementjunior honors thesis statementjunior honors thesis statement