Nazi germany essay questions

Although Hitler may have been one individual with viscous hatred against the Jews, his and the Nazi's policy was very contagious. Many Germans felt a sense of both personal and national grievance, deriving from the lost the First World War, particularly when they suffered through the super-inflation and a worthless currency. Germany, before the Nazis rose to power, was impoverished and desperate for an outlet. When the Nazis rose to power, they came along with one solution that would heal the current abject situations in the Weimar Republic: the Jews. Many Germans needed a scapegoat, needed to blame for the source of the problem. The Germans could not only relieve their anxieties putting guilt on the Jews but they had massive gains by stripping the Jews of their rights as citizens and confiscating their enormous property. Hitler had been the necessary and pivotal decision maker in the Nazi Jewish policy, leading to the Final Solution, but the Holocaust would not have been the way it had been if the Germany had not followed.

1. Adolf Hitler placed great value in German children. He viewed them as essential for ensuring loyalty for the NSDAP and securing the future of his imagined Third Reich.
2. After taking power the Nazis began infiltrating schools and education, removing Jews, socialists and others from the teaching profession and revising the curriculum to include Nazi ideology and values.
3. Nazi youth policy also revolved around several party-run youth groups, such as the Hitler Youth for boys aged 14-18. These groups began haphazardly but were eventually organised on a national level by NSDAP leaders.
4. Nazi youth groups combined paramilitary style training and skills with National Socialist teachings and indoctrination, such as worship of Hitler and the significance of racial purity.
5. There were also several NSDAP-run girls’ groups, such as the Bund Deutscher Madel or BDM. These groups also circulated Nazi ideology and reinforced traditional conceptions about the roles of women.

Nazi germany essay questions

nazi germany essay questions


nazi germany essay questionsnazi germany essay questionsnazi germany essay questionsnazi germany essay questions