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Applications for the IMRA may be in any area of investigation (clinical, translational, basic science), but must have ultimate relevance to the broad practice of anesthesiology and its subspecialties. Principal applicants for IMRA must be members of the International Anesthesia Research Society who have yet to establish substantial independent research funding or who are initiating a new area of research. Candidates should present a clear research plan, propose work that is pertinent to anesthesiology, and have both a senior mentor and an appointment in a successful principal investigator’s group. All IMRA applications will be reviewed by an external advisory board, appointed by the IARS Board of Trustees and Research Committee. Applications will be reviewed on the basis of scientific merit, adequate preliminary data, career potential of the investigator, and importance of the investigation to the specialty of anesthesiology. Awards are granted at the sole discretion of the IARS.

Economics is the study of how society uses its resources - natural, human and man-made. Jobs, wages, the stock market, unemployment, inflation, income inequality,.... These and other economic issues affect us all on a daily basis at the individual, national and global levels. By studying Economics at UAlbany you will be better able to understand these issues, to address economic problems and to contribute to their resolution.

Our Department has a strong faculty engaged in a wide range of applied and theoretical research. In the 2016 rankings of Research Papers in Economics (RePEC), the most comprehensive archive of economic research in the world, our department placed in the top 10% of all . economics institutions, including both academic and non-academic.

We train students to critically and objectively analyze issues related to the economy, business, public policy and society. Our graduates obtain positions throughout the world in academia, business, the non-profit sector and government. We offer two undergraduate programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts (.) and Bachelor of Science (.) degrees. At the graduate level we offer Master of Arts (.) and Doctor of Philosophy (.) degrees. We also offer a combined ./. program as well as a specialized Graduate Certificate in Economic Forecasting. Select from the tabs at left to learn more about our offerings.

Phd awards

phd awards


phd awardsphd awardsphd awardsphd awards