School is not the only place to learn essay

That’s largely Bruni’s conclusion—and it’s one echoed in his book by accomplished leaders like Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, a 1975 graduate of Northern Michigan University (where he was the only Jewish kid in his dorm). Here’s what the Brooklyn-born Schultz offered as a recipe for success: “Be as curious as you can. Put yourself in situations where you’re not just yielding to what’s familiar. I came out of college with a level of confidence and self-understanding that I don’t think I could have possibly gotten from an East Coast school, where I would have been among the kind of people I grew up with and lived near.”

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    • The key goal of the manifesto was to question an educational system that mainly seeks to increase human capital through the development of individuals' skills and knowledge; it was never meant to question individualism as such. Nevertheless, many readers saw in the document a creeping collectivism. Thomas Clemmons asked: "How long would it take in a world where schools are teaching students to be a better citizen for the good of the community to decide that the community no longer needs artists or musicians or writers but instead needs street sweepers and garbage men? How long would it take the community to override what makes a free world worth contributing to? How long before freedom takes a backseat to utilitarian conformity?" Tania Luna responded and raised the stakes: "Agreed, Thomas. I’m from the former Soviet Union, and this was essentially the thesis statement of our schools. … "

      School is not the only place to learn essay

      school is not the only place to learn essay


      school is not the only place to learn essayschool is not the only place to learn essayschool is not the only place to learn essayschool is not the only place to learn essay