Types of exemplification essays

When you get to the body paragraphs of your essay, you should imbibe some tenets that will help you to come out with the best work. In the first place, you should go in search of lots of statistics and facts. Your body paragraphs should be filled with this in all corners. However, you must only present the relevant ones, just like in the book report we offer you. When you write, use a lot of organizational patterns to make the essay good and easy to read. On the other angle, you should ensure that all these come with a format that is logical and reasonable enough. The transitions from one paragraph to the other matters a lot. They must all be seamless and should always act as a guide for the reader. The best case study format lives here too.

Below are sample essays I have received from your classmates.  For each essay, I'll post at least a couple examples of papers with my comments so that you get a sense of what I am looking for.   I intend my comments to be constructive, and they may sound harsh or sometimes appear sarcastic, but I read these drafts trying to be a typical reader, giving a sentence-by-sentence run-down of what's going through my head.  In essence I am having a mental dialog with these papers, and my comments range from notes about the content and structure to grammar and usage.

My tastes in rock are both mainstream and outsider. For example, I thoroughly enjoy some of Aerosmith’s songs and even enjoy some of Kid Rock’s songs. My other tastes are slightly detached. For example, I think Delain are incredibly talented. I think Delain touch a form of power in their music that others are only able to achieve using anger. I think Nemesea have at least one good album because they were not concerned with pleasing the masses and it worked well. I think some Within Temptation songs have a lot of heart and I even think Blink 182 have an attitude and exuberance that no other band has managed to capture.

Types of exemplification essays

types of exemplification essays


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