Utoronto engineering science thesis

From autonomous drones and sustainable aviation to robotics and microsatellites, our researchers are on the cutting edge of the latest technologies that are revolutionizing our world. As a UTIAS graduate student, you will collaborate with exceptional students, researchers, and industry leaders while gaining the expertise and experience to succeed in your career. The Centres for Research in Sustainable Aviation (CRSA) and in Aerial Robotics (CARRE) make UTIAS a world leader in these important areas, providing opportunities for students in both education and research.

Molecular self-assembly: Protein-ligand and biomolecular complexes and elucidation of the mechanisms associated with their formation. Organic solid-state focusing on molecular and biomolecular crystals and their properties. Biomolecular and ligand-receptor interaction forces. Application of scanning probe microscopy to the characterization of biomolecular processes and structures. Novel protein complexes at interfaces. Molecular modeling of biomolecular complexes. Synthesis and characterization of molecular solids. Structure-property relationships in supramolecular assemblies. Advanced imaging including combinatorial super-resolution microscopies and spectroscopies.

Utoronto engineering science thesis

utoronto engineering science thesis


utoronto engineering science thesisutoronto engineering science thesisutoronto engineering science thesisutoronto engineering science thesis